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PhDs in Progress

The following alumni/ae are currently enrolled in doctoral programs:

Rachel Broun

Graduate Institution: Stanford University

Department/Program: Anthropology

Field of Interest(s): Social justice; the United States legal system; legal anthropology; Black Women's experiences with the law; and fictive kinship networks.

 J. Rubén Diaz Vasquez

Graduate Institution: Stanford University

Department/Program: Modern Thought & Literature

Field of Interest(s): US-Mexico Borderland; Chicanx and Latinx literary and cultural production; postcolonial literature; decolonial theory; the sociology of migration; race and ethnicity; cultural sociology and the production of culture; ethnography and fieldwork methods.

Lynette Dixon

Graduate Institution: University of California, Los Angeles

Department/Program: Gender Studies

Field of Interest(s): Black Feminism; Hip-Hop Studies; Performance Studies; Aesthetics; Psychoanalysis; and Queer of Color Critique.

Nayive Gaytán

Graduate Institution: Washington University in St. Louis

Department/Program: Hispanic Studies / Spanish

Field of Interest(s): Representations of race, ethnicity, and class in 20th and 21st-century Latin American literature and visual media, environmental history, and social movements.

Eduardo Hazera

Graduate Institution: The University of Texas at Austin

Department/Program: Sociocultural Anthropology

Field of Interest(s): Sound studies; development studies; indigenous populations; and ecology.

olamina jiménez sánchez

Graduate Institution: University of California, Irvine

Department/Program: Culture & Theory

Field of Interest(s): Black Studies; anarchist studies; intentional communities; mutual aid; speculative fiction as sites of inquiry; and psychoanalysis.

Mawuko Kpodo-Klegeson

Graduate Institution: Yale University

Department/Program: Philosophy

Field of Interest(s): Knowledge creation, subjectivity, black women’s geographies, and the intersection of these as they pertain to larger institutional spaces.

 Kristin McFadden

Graduate Institution: Stanford University

Department/Program: Anthropology

Field of Interest(s): Political and Legal Anthropology; citizenship; power; nation-state; Black political participation; and the American South.

deandre miles-hercules

Graduate Institution: University of California, Santa Barbara

Department/Program: Linguistics

Field of Interest(s): Sociocultural linguistics; race and racialization; language, gender, and sexuality; African American language; Black Feminist Theory; community-centered ethnography; performance; pedagogy; genre theory; and linguistic terrain.

Makina Moses

Graduate Institution: The University of Chicago

Department/Program: English

Field of Interest(s): Black Trans/Queer Studies; Black Feminist Thought; Caribbean Studies; and Native American Studies.

Bryan Natividad

Graduate Institution: Brown University

Department/Program: Sociology and Population Studies

Field of Interest(s): Educational attainment; inequality; race and ethnicity; immigration; and the sociology of education. 

Clara Perez

Graduate Institution: University of California, Berkeley

Department/Program: Sociology

Field of Interest(s): Climate change; social systems and the environment; legacies of colonialism; climate vulnerability; and race. 

Amon Pierson

Graduate Institution: Princeton University

Department/Program: English

Field of Interest(s): Afropessimism, psychoanalysis, Black Feminist Theory; and poetry. 

Last updated July 2023.