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Graduate Mentors



Ana Carolina Araújo Soares (Mellon II)

Program: Comparative Literature

Field / Specialization: Cultural Studies, Critical Theory, Latinx Literature, Brazilian Literature, Gender Studies, 20th-Century Literature, Intersectional Feminism, Poetry and Poetics

What aspects of the program do you look forward to most, or what goals do you plan to accomplish as a graduate mentor? I’m looking forward to teaching and learning from these developing scholars. I believe that education is a two way street and being in contact with people from diverse fields of interest who come from many different contexts is important to maintain the diversity cherished in the university since this is not only about the research itself but also about the life experience of these people. Personal experiences from those who in themselves are political beings cross what they write and how they produce their writing, which makes their work of extreme importance also for their collective which often do not see this place as attainable. It is an honor to be able to collaborate as a mentor supporting students at the beginning of their researcher journey.


Daniel Ballon-Garst (Mellon I)

Program: Graduate Division of Religion

Field / Specialization: American Religious History; Histories of Race, Religion, and Sexuality in the U.S.; Religion & Politics; Legal Studies

What aspects of the program do you look forward to most, or what goals do you plan to accomplish as a graduate mentor? As a first-generation college student who grew up in a border town in San Diego, California, I know how important it was to my educational experience to have encountered mentors along the way who helped me develop confidence as a scholar and navigate the grad school experience.  As an MMUF Graduate Mentor, I look forward to serving in that same role to our MMUF fellows, helping them hone their scholarly voices and demystifying the transition to graduate school.


Brenton Boyd (Mellon II)

Program: English and WGSS

Field / Specialization: Black Literary, Religious, and Performance Cultures; Critical Philosophy of Race; Queer/Trans Studies; Coloniality; Black Theology / Mysticism

What do you enjoy or find most rewarding about working with our MMUF fellows? I’ve truly enjoyed learning with and from developing researchers as they navigate complex, highly-specific projects and lend their unique voices to the conversations that excite them most. More than introducing our fellows to scholars and methods across such conversations, I cherish the honor of supporting them through the difficult and rewarding moments of their young intellectual journeys.


Gabby Mahabeer (Mellon I)

Program: Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Field / Specialization: Caribbean Studies; Queer/Trans Studies; Cultural Politics; Radical Care; Erotic Autonomy; Sovereignty, Freedom, and Futuremaking

What aspects of the program do you look forward to the most, or what goals do you plan to accomplish as a graduate mentor? I'm so excited to build with the MMUF community and support undergraduates as they take their next steps as researchers, producers of knowledge, and people. My hope is that we can all learn together and gain the skills to truly diversify academia – and more largely the worlds we occupy – as we build better futures for ourselves and each other.


Jessie Washington (Writing Coach)

Program: Graduate Division of Religion

Field / Specialization: Black Women; Mental Health; Suicide Prevention; Religion, Spirituality, and the Black Church

What aspects of the program do you look forward to most, or what goals do you plan to accomplish as a graduate mentor? I am looking forward to being the MMUF Writing Coach because I love to write and help others get excited about their writing.


Past Graduate Mentors Include:

Agnes Sastre-RiveraComparative Literature

Dr. Andrea Dionne Warmack: Department of Philosophy

Dr. Camille Goldmon: Department of History

Christina Désert: Graduate Division of Religion (GDR)

Courtney Ariel Bowden: Graduate Division of Religion (GDR)

Dr. Diana Louis: Department of English

Dr. Dominick D. Rolle: Department of English

Dr. Elaine Penagos: Graduate Division of Religion (GDR)

Dr. Erica Harris: Graduate Division of Biological and Biomedical Sciences

Dr. Gloria Jirsaraie: Department of English

Dr. Jamil Drake: Graduate Division of Religion (GDR)

Dr. Marcelitte Failla: Graduate Division of Religion (GDR)

Dr. Meredith Coleman-Tobias: Graduate Division of Religion (GDR)

Dr. Rachelle Green: Graduate Division of Religion (GDR)

Taína Figueroa: Department of Philosophy

Tiara Jackson: Comparative Literature

Dr. Timothy Rainey: Graduate Division of Religion (GDR)