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Faculty Mentors

Christina E. Crawford

Department/Program: Art History

Field/Specialization: Modern and contemporary architecture and urbanism–history, theory, and design; Modern housing; Socialist space; Economy, politics, and societal expectations.

MMUF Mentee(s):
Emilio Rosas Gutiérrez

 Kyrah Malika Daniels

Department/Program: African American Studies

African derived religions; sacred arts; religious initiation and conversion; and ritual healing traditions in the Black Atlantic.

MMUF Mentee(s):
Christian Ballard

 Nick Fesette

Department/Program: Theater

Acting and directing; critical prison studies; abolition; performance studies; modern and contemporary drama; theatre and social justice; and trauma theory.

MMUF Mentee(s):
Makalee Cooper

Karen A. Hegtvedt

Department/Program: Sociology

Social psychology and emotions; effects of legitimacy on perceptions of and responses to distribute injustice; and environmental identity and sustainability. 

MMUF Mentee(s):
Courtney Fitzgerald

Pablo Palomino

Department/Program: Latin American and Caribbean Studies

Field/Specialization: Globalization; Latin Americanism; Jewish Latin Americans; Music; Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico; Latin America and/in the United States.

MMUF Mentee(s):
América Ruiz

Linette Park

Department/Program: African American Studies

Field/Specialization: Critical Black theories and Black Studies; carceral studies; gender and sexuality studies; psychoanalysis; continental philosophy; philosophy of law; visual art and film; and the afterlife of slavery and lynching in North America.

MMUF Mentee(s): Amal Ali, Mckayla Morrison

Yami Rodriguez

Department/Program: History

Field/Specialization: Twentieth-century US history; Latinx history; labor; migration; US South.

Historias Latinas en relación a cuestiones de cultura, raza, origen étnico, trabajo, y migración.

MMUF Mentee(s): Arturo Contreras, Raya Islam

Subha Xavier

Department/Program: French

Field/Specialization: Migration and Diaspora Studies; Francophone African; Canadian and Caribbean literature and film; Postcolonial and Literary Theory.

MMUF Mentee(s): Leilani Nti