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Current Fellows

Cohort Eighteen (2018-2020) and Cohort Nineteen (2019-2021)

Anna-Frida Herrera 

Literature, Cultural and Ethnic Studies, Political Theory 

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Maria Carrion  

Research Topic: The narco-state in the south of Mexico 

Olamina Sanchez Jimenez 

African American Studies/WGSS 

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Alix Olson 

Research Topic: Earthseed as Liberatory Praxis 

Joy Knowles 

African American Studies/Psychology 

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Pearl Dowe 

Research Topic: Perceived Stigma of Mental Healthcare in Black Communities 

Ronald Poole II 

Literature: Philosophy Area/Cultural/Ethnic/Gender Studies 

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Calvin Warren  

Research Topic: Afrosurrealism and post-structuralism/modernism 

Marie Roc 

Literature, Cultural and Ethnic Studies, Political Theory 

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Valerie Babb 

Research Topic: Diasporic Studies 

Dessy Epie 


Faculty Mentor: Dr. Calvin Warren  

Research Topic: Social Media, Neocolonization, and Phenomenology 

Amon Pierson 

Comparative Literature and Art History 

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Michelle Wright & Dr. Calvin Warren 

Research Topic:  An investigation into the question of language for Black beings given the trauma of slavery. 

Gisell Rondon 

African American Studies and Religion 

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Dianne Stewart 

Research Topic: Afro-Dominican women's spiritual relationships with God as tools of resistance, resilience, and survival 

Channelle Russell 

English & History 

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Meina Yates-Richard 

Research Topic: Sorting Shadows - Memory, Intimacy, and Gender in Contemporary Caribbean Women's Bildungsroman 

Morissa Wisdom 

African American Studies and Philosophy 

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Paul Buchholz 

Research Topic: