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Current Fellows

Cohort Twenty-Two (2022-2024) and Cohort Twenty-Three (2023-2025)



Arturo Contreras

Latin American and Caribbean Studies/Spanish

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Yami Rodriguez

Research Title: "Preserving Institutional Memory of the Emory Latinx Community through Archival Research and Oral Histories."


Russell Lee (2022-23)

Comparative Literature

Faculty Mentor: Dr. María M. Carrión

Research Title: "Crazy Woman: The Redemptive & Vengeful Figure of the Female Shaman in Modern Korean Media."


Mckayla Morrison

African American Studies/Sociology

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Linette Park

Research Topic: Social Stratification of Race in the Legal System



Christian Ballard

African American Studies

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Kyrah Malika Daniels

Research Topic: "African Religions and Spirituality in Black Sonic and Visual Culture"


Makalee Cooper

Theater Studies

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Nicholas Fesette

Research Topic: History of blackface minstrelsy in the American Theatre and how it has pervaded how Blackness is viewed and performed.


Courtney Fitzgerald

Sociology/Quantitative Sciences

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Karen A. Hegtvedt

Research Title: "Analyzing the Hierarchy of Colorism in the Black LGBTQ+ Community's Romantic Preferences." Courtney seeks to understand how internalized colorist ideologies influence the romantic preferences of Black LGBTQ+ identifying individuals.


Raya Islam

Anthropology/Human Biology

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Yami Rodriguez

Research Title: "Jackson Heights: A Case Study of Urban Relational Racialization"


Leilani Nti

French/International Studies

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Subha Xavier

Research Topic: How has imperialism continued to shape the conditions of post-colonialism? Leilani explores the extractive policies of neo-colonialism, and its relationship to the legacy of totalitarianism in post-colonial states through the impact of language and culture and analyzing supra-governmental organizations and transnational networks such as “the British Commonwealth" and "L’organisation Internationel de la Francophonie."


Emilio Rosas Gutiérrez

Linguistics & Interdisciplinary Studies

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Christina Crawford

Research Topic: Spatial justice in Latin American cities. An interdisciplinary look at spatial segregation in the urban peripheries of modernist Latin American cities (with a focus on Cancún, Mexico, and Brasília, Brazil), exploring how capitalist urbanization denies its citizens' right to the city through the spatialization of class hierarchies. Drawing from architectural studies, sociology, critical theory, and counter-historical methods like oral history.


América Ruiz

Latin American and Caribbean Studies/Spanish

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Pablo Palomino

Research Topic: US immigration and its transformation to the identity of Latinx through an anthropological approach.