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Program Obligations and Responsibilities

The following list outlines obligations and responsibilities of Emory Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellows. Students who accept a MMUF Award through Emory University must fulfill these obligations to remain in the program.


1. Attend Emory's Rudolph P. Byrd Summer Institute held for the entire month of June.

2. Attend monthly meetings with coordinators and graduate mentors.

3. Attend regular semester advisory meetings with mentor, coordinators, and graduate student mentors.

4. Attend annual regional conferences and deliver research presentations (i.e. SERC).

5. Update Annual MMUF Profile at the National Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship Program website.

6. Rising seniors submit proposals for summer funding during the month of April.

7. Seniors submit a 35-page research paper by May 1.

8. Contribute to a congenial ethos that fosters a community of scholars.

9. Although a 3.2 is the minimum GPA for entrance into the program, the expectation, especially to be competitive for admission into reputable doctoral programs, is that the fellow will maintain a GPA of at least 3.5 throughout her/his tenure in the MMUF Program.


1. Receive stipend of $3600 per academic year ($1800 per semester) for conducting and producing a research project.

2. Rising seniors receive up to $3900 of summer funding toward research project development.

3. Receive up to $600 toward GRE prep.

4. Receive ongoing mentoring, research support, and professional guidance from faculty members, coordinators, and graduate students.

5. Receive up to $1200 to support scholarly conference attendance with MMUF mentor.

6. Receive up to $400 of supplementary funds for senior year research.

7. Additional support for scholarly research/activities may be granted at the discretion of the MMUF coordinator.