Faculty Mentors

Carol Anderson

Department/Program: Department of African American Studies

Field/Specialization:  Human Rights, U.S. Cold War Foreign Policy, Twentieth Century African American History

MMUF Mentee(s): Sariyah Benoit

Jericho Brown

Department/Program: Department of English & Creative Writing Program

Field/Specialization:  Poetry

MMUF Mentee(s): Christell Roach

María M. Carrión

Department/Program: Department of Comparative Literature & Department of Spanish and Portuguese

Field/Specialization: Cultural and Literary Production from Sixteenth- and Seventeenth-Century Spain

MMUF Mentee(s): Karol Oviedo

Alicia DeNicola

Department/Program: Department of Anthropology, Oxford College

Field/Specialization: Cultural Anthropology, South Asia, Economic Anthropology, Work and Identity, Cultural Linguistics, Gender

MMUF Mentee(s): Mawuko Kpodo, Rhianne McCalip, and Kristin McFadden

Timothy Dowd

Department/Program:  Department of Sociology

Field/Specialization: Music, Media, Culture, Formal Organization, Work and Industry

MMUF Mentee(s): Jonathan Peraza and Karol Oviedo

Jonathan Master

Department/Program:  Department of Classics

Field/Specialization: Imperial Latin Prose, Historiography, Seneca's Views on Historiography

MMUF Mentee(s): Camila Reed-Guevara

Eri Saikawa

Department/Program: Department of Environmental Sciences

Field/Specialization: Environmental Chemistry, Environmental Health, Biogeochemistry, Climate Science, Environmental Policy/Politics

MMUF Mentee(s): Jennifer Fundora

Abigail Sewell

Department/Program: Department of Sociology

Field/Specialization: Political Economy of Racial Health and Disparities, Social Construction of Racial Health Care Disparities, Quantitative Approaches for Studying Racial Inequality and Structural Racism

MMUF Mentee(s): Ruben Diaz Vasquez

Susan Tamasi

Department/Program: Department of Anthropology

Field/Specialization: Sociolinguistics, American English Dialects, Health Communication

MMUF Mentee(s): Deandre Miles

Vanessa Siddle Walker

Department/Program: Department of African American Studies

Field/Specialization: Segregated schooling of African American children

MMUF Mentee(s): Kristin McFadden