Current Fellows

Cohort Sixteen (2016-2018) Cohort Seventeen (2017-2019)

"MMUF aims to achieve its mission by identifying and supporting students of great promise and helping them to become scholars of the highest distinction."


Ruben Diaz Vasquez Portrait

J. Ruben Diaz Vasquez

Creative Writing and Sociology
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Abigail Sewell (Sociology)
Research Topic: Mexican & American Dreams: Poetry by Chicanx Writers as Transnational Sites of Ideological Contestation with Hegemonic Norms of Upward Mobility in the United States

Momo Kpodo Portrait

Mawuko Kpodo

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Alicia DeNicola (Anthropology)
Research Topic: Caged In: The Everyday Particularities of Incarcerated Women

Karol Oviedo portrait

Karol Oviedo

Psychology and Sociology
Faculty Mentor: Dr. María M. Carrión (Comparative Literature & Spanish)
Research Topic: La Borinquena Resiste: High School Students in San Juan, Puerto Rico React to the Island's Americanization

Camila Reed-Guevara Portrait

Camila Reed-Guevara

Classics & History and Philosophy 
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jonathan Master (Classics)
Research Topic: Seneca the Younger on Education and Slavery in the Ancient Roman Empire: Equal Access to Philosophy Regardless of Genealogical Background

Christell Roach portrait

Christell Roach

African American Studies & Creative Writing
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jericho Brown (Creative Writing)
Research Topic: The Bridge is Blue: Bridging the Gender Gap in Blues Poetry Through the Work of Mari Evans

Sariyah Benoit Portrait

Sariyah Benoit

African American Studies
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Carol Anderson (African American Studies)
Research Topic: Black Motherhood in Bankhead Courts During the Atlanta (Child) Murders of 1979-1981

Jennifer Fundora

Jennifer Fundora

Environmental Sciences and International Studies
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Eri Saikawa (Environmental Sciences)
Research Topic: Understanding the Deforestation Rate Change in Haiti and the Dominican Republic

Kristin McFadden portrait

Kristin McFadden

African American Studies and Anthropology
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Alicia DeNicola (Anthropology) and Dr. Vanessa Siddle Walker (African American Studies)
Research Topic: Institutionalized Resistance: Understanding Black Educational Resistance through Pedagogy and Practice

Deandre Miles

Anthropology & Human Biology and Linguistics
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Susan Tamasi (Anthropology)
Research Topic: The Executive Function Performance of Black Bilinguals

Jonathan Peraza Portrait

Jonathan Peraza

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Timothy Dowd (Sociology)
Research Topic: Differential Racialization, Transnational Migration and Salvadoran Identity

Isabelle Saldana (Degree Earned 2017)

Interdisciplinary Studies in Society and Culture
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Tracy Scott (Sociology)
Research Topic: Disincubations: Understanding Multiracial 'Performances of Color' as Within/Without/Against